Portable Office Rentals and Leases

If you are looking for a short term, or long term portable office rental, then you've come to the right place. PortableOffices.org offers valuable tips and information on getting the best prices on portable office trailer rentals, and you can quickly compare rates from some of the leading companies in your area by filling out the form on the right. When it comes to mobile offices, many people have a tough time deciding between square footage and whether or not they should buy, rent, or lease. Here are some of the advantages between renting and leasing compared to purchasing:

Advantages Of a Portable Office Rental or Lease

  • No Long Term Commitment - With rentals contracts are month to month, and leases depend on the length that you choose up front.
  • Flexibility - If you find that you have unused space, or you don't have enough space, a lease or rental allows customers to either upgrade or downgrade sizes.
  • Low Cost - Depending on the amount of space you need, and optional features you will typically spend about $200-$500 a month for a rental and slightly less for a lease depending on the length of your contract and how much money you put down at the beginning.

There aren't many disadvantages to leasing/renting except that in the case of rentals, your monthly fees do not help towards purchasing the office. With leases there is a trade-off between purchasing it up front, on one hand it doesn't require a significant investment up front, but on the other you will end up paying more money overall if you choose to purchase it when compared to purchasing it from the start.

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