Portable Offices for Sale

PortableOffices.org is the place to go when you need to find deals on new and used portable offices for sale. Whether you are looking for a state of the art, brand new 1,000 square ft office with AC/heating, portable restrooms, and ADA wheelchair accessible ramps, or you are just looking for a standard construction office, you will find the best deals right here. PortableOffices.org can help you connect with the top companies in your area.

Used vs. Used Portable Offices

Many people have trouble deciding between a new or a used portable office trailer. If you plan to purchase a used office, it's important to inspect it before you decide to purchase it. In many cases you can find a mobile office in nearly perfect condition, and you can end up saving hundreds, and even thousands of dollars compared to purchasing the same office brand new. You can get the best deals buying from private sellers, but if you purchase it from a large portable office company, they often refurbish it and many offer warranties as well.

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